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Mysterious Underground Tomb Escape

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Description: Greetings!We have recently released an awesome game in our portal. Your users will love playing this game. We request you to take a look and add the game to your portal. Find the game details below:Name: Mysterious Underground Tomb Escape Description: Presume a situation that a Wizard kept a man for slaughter in the underground of the tomb. It was looking like a mysterious tomb. There are skulls, coffin, urns and many more objects and clues. Find those objects and solve the puzzles and help the man to escape from the tomb. Game URL: http://www. eightgames. com/mysterious-underground-tomb-escapeSWF: http://www. eightgames. com/games/files/Mysterious_Underground_Tomb_Escape. swfThumbnail1:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-200X250. jpg Thumbnail2:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-160X120. jpgThumbnail3:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-120X90. jpg Thumbnail4:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-100X100. jpgThumbnail5:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-180X135. jpgThumbnail6:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-90X120. jpgThumbnail7:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-150X150. jpgThumbnail8:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-250X250. jpgThumbnail9:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-200X200. jpgThumbnail10:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-545X90. jpgThumbnail11:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-147X110. jpgThumbnail12:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Mysterious-Underground-Tomb-Escape-600X400. jpg Game Size: 800 (w) x 480 (h)Keywords: Mysterious Underground Tomb Escape, Eight Games, Escape Games, Room Escape Games, Skill Games, Puzzle Games, Boys Games. Category: eightgames. com eightgames. com@gmail. com Use Mouse Use your mouse to play this game.

Category: Puzzle

Total Views: 156

Rated 3/5 (25 Votes)
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